Future trends in education and how students are choosing universities post-pandemic

Recently, Fiona Devine, the Head of Alliance Manchester Business School shared a very interesting article from Financial Times that was featuring one of the MBA students that also participates at Manchester Entrepreneurs, the organization I was part of while being a student at the University of Manchester.

Besides being proud to see featured in FT one of the most amazing experiences I was part of (Studying at AMBS), the title made me realise a very big change in the universities’ dynamics. It was saying: Students think globally, but study locally in the pandemic.

It is already mainstream to say that the current situation disrupted all industries. The article is showcasing the following main reasons why students are more and more studying locally:

1. It is closer to family.

2. It is cheaper and more affordable — if we are thinking about the recession we see already

3. It is easier to keep the current Social and Professional Network active

Not only AMBS scored a higher number of home students applying to their programs, also in London, Imperial College Business School rose from 42 to 56. I initially thought this is related to the current political instability due to Brexit, however, Financial Times also tackles data points from Tel Aviv, Spain, Belgium where the trends are more than relevant to the pandemic. Vlerick Business School’s MBA class has now 20% more nationals than the last promotion

After graduation, I joined UniApply, and Ed Tech company which is creating the foundation to have a complete ecosystem of Students, Parents, Educational Consultants, and Universities. We are a team that is developing a platform where any student is able to apply to universities at just at a click of a button. With 3 years’ experience in the market and with over 13 000 processed applications, we are getting an in-depth understanding of the students’ preferences. Our Data Analysts have found out what are the markets that are the most attractive to students as well as the study fields that are in high demand at the moment. We believe that the pandemic has also changed the way students are targeting university courses as well as choosing the right institution.

Looking over the trends we see at UniApply I asked myself: Will studying from home be the future of education but still have access to an international network? Our experts are able to answer this type of questions and give the best overview. Curious about our findings? I would love to chat about those with anyone that is interested. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or just email me at catalina.vlad@uniapply.org



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