Negotiation is a situation that provokes different emotions in people — some see it as a conflict situation, others see is as an organisational process. As Dr. Maria Koutsovoulou, associate professor in the management department at ESCP Business School explains in this article, these emotions, both positive and negative, betray negotiators’ perceptions of negotiation. These perceptions of gain and loss are related to their social role, and social role means gender. But are there real differences between men and women at the negotiating table, and how does a person’s culture, age, and expertise also have an impact?

A conflict situation…

As we face more challenges to society than the coronavirus pandemic, Koen Dittrich, Assistant Professor Management of Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, examines what we must address…

The world’s politicians, businesses and all of us who make up society at large are currently struggling with COVID-19. But it is important to remember that this isn’t our only struggle. Three hugely important economic and closely interrelated social transition challenges remain. These are climate change, energy transition and the move towards a more circular economy.

The first transition challenge is climate change, exemplified by the 2015 Paris Agreement, in…

Future trends in education and how students are choosing universities post-pandemic

Recently, Fiona Devine, the Head of Alliance Manchester Business School shared a very interesting article from Financial Times that was featuring one of the MBA students that also participates at Manchester Entrepreneurs, the organization I was part of while being a student at the University of Manchester.

Besides being proud to see featured in FT one of the most amazing experiences I was part of (Studying at AMBS), the title made me realise a very big change in the universities’ dynamics. …

From the coronavirus pandemic to Brexit, the challenges that societies must face are also faced by business schools. Many people have argued that these institutions must respond to such crises and provide expert knowledge and guidance at the time, as well as adapting their provision to suit the needs of businesses in the future. But by producing the leaders of tomorrow, does what happens in business education during a period of crisis change the course of business for the future?

It’s certainly clear that lecturers and experts from business schools are influential.

“Business schools are an incredible source of expertise,”…

Robots in Daily Life — Will COVID-19 Change Perspectives?

It has been suggested that humans seek empathetic service interactions when dealing with robots.

Robotics and AI — friend or foe? Advances in technology are transforming the way we work, the way we learn and the way we save lives. But for every argument about the positive impact on society, there are growing concerns about the potential downside, including job losses, invasion of privacy and discrimination.

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