Negotiation is a situation that provokes different emotions in people — some see it as a conflict situation, others see is as an organisational process. As Dr. Maria Koutsovoulou, associate professor in the management department at ESCP Business School explains in this article, these emotions, both positive and negative, betray…

Future trends in education and how students are choosing universities post-pandemic

Recently, Fiona Devine, the Head of Alliance Manchester Business School shared a very interesting article from Financial Times that was featuring one of the MBA students that also participates at Manchester Entrepreneurs, the organization I was part of while…

Robots in Daily Life — Will COVID-19 Change Perspectives?

It has been suggested that humans seek empathetic service interactions when dealing with robots.

Robotics and AI — friend or foe? Advances in technology are transforming the way we work, the way we learn and the way we save lives. But for every argument about the positive impact on society, there are growing concerns about…

Catalina Maria Vlad

Covering the intersection of business and technology, innovation, sustainability, and the latest management thinking.

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